Terms of Use For Digital Content

The Antique Sheet Music Collection found at castleragtime.com/collection is made available to the public for personal use and study at no cost. While we do our best to ensure that we only share scans and images of documents that we believe to the best of our knowledge to be in the public domain (copyrighted prior to 1923), this does not mean that our digital images are in the public domain. All content and imagery on castleragtime.com is copyrighted by Castle Ragtime Company (Christopher C. Castillo) and is protected by applicable copyright laws.

By accessing the Antique Sheet Music Collection or any content on castleragtime.com you agree to only use the content (images, text, etc.) provided in the following manners.

You May:

  • access, view, and otherwise study all content freely
  • link to any of the collection’s web pages in order to share or reference the content
  • use and/or reference any content for educational or editorial purposes (citation required)
  • otherwise use for personal projects that do not violate applicable copyright laws

You May NOT:

  • Create derivative works from the images in the collection

Most pitfalls can be avoided by simply using common sense. If you have any questions about these terms or about possible exceptions, please send an email with your inquiry to chris@christophercc.com.

Disclaimer Regarding Historic Content

Scans, images, and photographs of historical or antique documents, signage, or other objects may potentially contain content that is offensive. This risk is inherent with any presentation of historical or antique material.

All imagery is made available for the purpose of study in historical context. Digital images of antique documents, signage, or other objects DO NOT reflect the views or ideas of Castle Ragtime Company or its affiliates.


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